New Jersey Beach Weddings-Music with Classical Guitar

 New Jersey Beach Weddings


Classical Guitar Ceremonies Inc. employs only the best, award winning, conservatory trained guitarists for its events.  Our guitarists have performed for dozens of beach weddings all over the east coast.  Our company has state of the art sound equipment to deal with the remote nature of beach weddings. Our guitarists have classical guitars built to withstand the elements. They contain electric/acoustic capabilities, because a beach wedding can be actually pretty noisy from the wind and the crashing waves.


 Most beach weddings require amplification for the musician, as well as the officiant. Without it, the music and the vows tend to get drowned out by the sounds of nature. 

Most beaches lack a close source of electricity. Classical Guitar Ceremonies uses top of the line battery powered amplification, so we can set up and be ready to perform pretty much anywhere, no matter how secluded or remote. Furthermore, Classical Guitar Ceremonies possesses and rents   lapel and free standing microphones to be used for vows, and readings planned within the ceremony. 


Consider Classical Guitar Ceremonies Inc. for your next beach wedding. Classical guitar is one of the most popular instruments for wedding ceremonies. It's extremely versatile, with the ability to play traditional music, as well as modern alternatives.  Our management team is incredibly easy to communicate with, and will work closely with you to make sure all of the details are handled with the utmost professionalism. 




Kevin Shannon

New Jersey-Regional Manager


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