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Tampa Florida Wedding Guitar Interview

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As a follow up to our previous post with Ben back stage with Paul Simon and James Taylor we asked him a few general questions regarding his services and background for the Tampa Florida weddings and corporate events he manages. 


When did you start playing?
I was 12 and obsessed with Metallica and Ozzy Osborne. Got into classical guitar because I went to a performing arts high school that--unbeknownst to me--switched from jazz/electric guitar the year before to classical when I started. I had no choice, but Ozzy's guitarist Randy Rhoads was "classically trained" so I warmed up to the idea. Slowly. After a while, I realized I wasn't too bad at it.

What is your favorite music period performace wise for guitar?
My favorite songs to play don't come from any one period. I like to play songs that everyone recognizes and/or enjoys. Weather it's Bach or the Beatles, Mozart or Metallica, Flamenco or Fun., if it sounds good and people enjoy hearing it, I like to play it. If I HAD to choose just one style/period, I would say 20th century Spanish and Latin dances (tangos, waltzes, flamenco forms, etc.) are my favorite…or finger style arrangements of popular songs. See, I can't decide.

Why should clients use guitar for there weddings?
Live music during a wedding ceremony adds a touch of elegance and class that recorded music can't provide, and classical guitar is one of the most beautiful sounds on earth. The combination of elegance and beauty provides the perfect soundtrack for a memorable wedding ceremony.

What school did you go to?
I think you could say I liked school because I spent 9.5 years in college! I did my undergrad at FSU in Tallahassee, my master's degree at Juilliard in New York City, and my doctorate at USC in Los Angeles. All in Music with and emphasis on guit-fiddle performance.

Do you perform solo concerts? Travel?
I do perform solo concerts and travel fairly often for gigs. These days I'm based in Tampa, FL and play all over the Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater area. I also perform in parts of Miami for the Nation YoungArts Foundation and in New York City on behalf Juilliard. I travel elsewhere, too, but those are my three main regions.

Do you know your area well?
Born and raised in Tampa so I know the area quite well.

The Sirata Hotel and Resort, St. Petersburg, FL --

The Sirata Hotel and Resort was a beautiful setting for the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour I played recently (March 8 if you want date). The ceremony was staged on the Sirata breezeway with a gorgeous view of the beach and ocean. The cocktail hour was in the outdoor Grotto which is an ideal setting for a cocktail hour: ample space, subtle landscaping, great food and drink, and a spot atop the stairs for a guitarist to play in plain view. The wedding planners were a pleasure to work with. I highly recommended this venue!

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