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Eastern Shore Maryland- Wedding Music at Perry Inn Cabin

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Classical Guitar Ceremonies Inc. provided music for several events this weekend. I always look forward to performing out in the tranquil setting of St.Michaels even if it is a bit further to reach as compared to the local DC/Baltimore/Annapolis area.

A lot of the facilities have a noise restriction clause in the event site contract/rules. Classical guitar is a nice option for those that may wish to have music - both popular and classical- at their wedding ceremony/reception but aren't allowed other forms of music that are "too loud" as deemed by the local ordinance. 

Photos of the event Classical Guitar Ceremonies performed for at Perry Inn Cabin on 8/2/2013 - View wedding Photos Here


Contact info for Perry Inn Cabin; 

Lisa Frock
Catering & Events Assistant
The Inn at Perry Cabin
308 Watkins Lane
St. Michaels, MD 21663
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