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Wedding Music- Ceremony Requests- Washington DC and Philadelphia Ceremony Music

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 Classical Guitar Ceremonies Inc.  frequently gets asked to make arrangements of various tunes by our clients. There are numerous outlets for creative adaptations.  
With this in mind- we always recommend our clients to do a broad based Youtube search for the song they like to see if other musicians have arranged the piece you like. Talk with your musician to see if the selection you want translates nicely on that instrument. Different songs may or may not work depending on how many voices and parts the requested tune has.  A good example of this is a Italian composer whom recently helped us out for a wedding arrangement. His name is Giuseppe Torrisi- a dedicated composer and guitar arranger, he may be reached here: . 
Ross Mann, Philadelphia manager of Classical Guitar Ceremonies Inc is an amazing arranger. Click here to view his guitar profile.
From Ross;
While many couples will employ ages old traditions on their wedding day,  there are always some particular songs which carry valuable personal associations and emotions for all couples, including tunes from both centuries past and contemporary styles and genres.
 Luckily,   the classical guitar is capable of performing the melody and harmony at the same time of virtually any work ,  just as a jazz pianist can provide an instrumental reproduction of ballads and dance tunes!  
 As you complete your plans for your wedding,  you may let us know if there are particular songs of any style or genre that you would like to hear during the ceremony.   Our arrangers will be happy to prepare a custom instrumental arrangement of your favorite songs for the solo guitar,  or for any ensemble you may wish to feature  (i.e.,  the violin may play the vocal part while the guitar provides the accompaniment).



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